Thursday, 22 July 2010

Internal rules

Whether these are of benefit or become an obstacle remains to be seen. It is important that they are not misinterpreted & then the incorrect rules forcefully applied with total inflexibility. If anyone would like to comment on any specific internal rules here is the place to do so. The internal rules are written here:

Internal rules of the New Kadampa Tradition

One internal rule I believe needs to be understood as thus. The new temples development project is simply a place for surplus funds to go. If we do not have surplus funds why put our centres under a great strain that usually ends up being felt by the residents to race the project along. Is this pressurised rush Geshe-las intention or is it an idea formulated by someone else. Surely the building of temples is something we do with all the EXTRA funds we have, not bleeding every coin until people feel that the entire centre life revolves around fundraising to the point where the education program is being compromised whereas the fundraising activities are never compromised? If people are missing study classes to engage in fundraising surely something is wrong at that point.

The internal rules put a great emphasis on groups of administrators meeting together. Whereas before the decisions were being made by people who emphasised the spiritual elements, now they are being made principally by people who are not primarily engaged in community prayers and study. Most sponsored people are incredibly busy and are not able to spend long periods contemplating what would be the most spiritually appropriate thing to do. Previously the resident teacher was the principal source of ideas and their mind was mainly on spiritual emphasis within the community. So there is a clear situation where decisions could be more rushed, not thought through, and focused on attaining primarily administrative objectives. Obvious examples could be an increase in the focus on money and work rather than study & prayer.

These are things that could happen. I am not an administrator. I am simply saying my own faults and what extremes I myself could go to.

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