Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Doubts about Dharma Protector practice

These doubts arise when we think that we are to accept all the conditions that arise seeing them as divine signs. With this attitude we conclude that as soon as someone asks us to do something, because we prayed for Buddha to arrange our conditions, that this is a sign and we must do this job. We then say yes to everything, end up in all sorts of difficulty, and then blame our Dharma Protector saying 'Why did you make all this happen?'

A great illustration of the illogical this behaviour is can be seen by watching the movie The Yes Man starring Jim Carey

This is a classic example of the important challenges to understanding reality correctly presented in Buddhas teachings on ultimate view. We can study the example of the Chittamatrin school who believe that everything is mind only. We know that when analysing dreams we regard everything as 'signs' because we know that all the objects are soley creations of the mind. However when inside the dream we do not take a passive position because at that time we do not believe the objects to be created by mind nor as created by Buddha to teach us some specific lesson.

This is an intellectual view we develop when awake. There are many spiritual followers of different religions who do this. They regard everything from a person knocking on their door to the number that comes when a dice is throw as determined and created by their deity. This direction leads to throwing dough balls, dice, divinations etc and is not the path of our tradition. The seeking of magical signs is a craving for excitement and arises if we feel we need a boost to energise our spiritual practice. It leads to many incorrect understandings where we conclude that people exist to feed our spiritual life. We cannot develop a genuine love for others if we are still thinking that people are tools and need them to be magicians for our entertainment.

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