Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Pacifying Deluded Doubts

There are so many deluded doubts so all ideas are welcome

Thinking that Buddhism is a cult - here we analyse definition of religious abuse and traditional Buddhism
Thinking that Buddhists are less moral/caring than non Buddhists - here we can see the story of the good samaritian
Thinking studying one teacher is sectarian - here we look at traditional Buddhism to check
Thinking that our traditions can avoid human problems - Here we can see an amazing range of similar situations in the Catholic Church in this documentary about the Pope
Doubts about Dharma Protector practice - How our circumstances are not secret commands
Doubts about Guru Devotion practice
Thinking that Buddhists lack motivation and are denying themselves
Doubts about the focus on fundraising and work - thinking Modern Buddhism pressurises to give wealth and work.
Doubts observing the differences between senior Buddhists and new people

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