Friday, 24 September 2010

Taking and cherishing others opens us to abuse?

This is an obstacle to spiritual progress. The reason why it is written as an obstacle to the tradition is because we blame our external environment for this obstacle. No matter who we live with we will have problems with this deluded doubt. If we become unhappy with a non buddhist friend thinking they are taking advantage of our new good nature, this does not damage our faith in Buddhism. But if we develop the same problem whilst living in a spiritual community we may conclude that the sangha is at fault. If we believe that non Buddhists also will also do this though, is this not a sign in truth that it is not all the living beings in the world who need to change? We simply need to overcome this obstacle because until we do we wont be able to see cherishing others as plausible. Blaming the sangha simply damaging our chance to have spiritual friends because if the sangha were to vanish this problem would remain. This shows that the sangha is not the cause.

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