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10) The group/leader is the exclusive means of knowing "truth" or receiving validation, no other process of discovery is really acceptable or credible

MIlarepa sang of the Six deceptions as thus:
Monasteries are like collecting-station for hollow drift.
The priestly life ... is deceptive and illusory to me.
Of such prisons I have no need.

He also sang
How pitiful are sentient beings in Samsara ...
How foolish and sad it is to indulge in killing;
How sad to commit an act that in the end will hurt oneself;
How sad to build a sinful wall of meat, made of one's dying parents' flesh;
How sad to see meat eaten and blood flowing!

the 9th chapter of Shantidevas guide says
40. Hinayananist: Liberation comes from understanding the four noble truths, so what is the point of perceiving emptiness? Madhyamika: Because the scripture states that there is no awakening without this path.

In his second chapter he says
56. If I disregard the council of the Omniscient Physician who removes every pain, shame on me, extremely deluded one that I am!

The Prasangika school throughout all traditions claim that their way is the only way to liberation and mock other schools of thought. All the refuge teachings say that only the Three Jewels can protect us throughout all lineages. Already we can see sarcasm and mocking from both 700 ad Shantideva and Milarepa. Therefore if this is our lineage are we supposed to compromise it? How far does the compromising, and increasing gentleness need to go before the lineage is totally changed and becomes more of a mouse than a fearless snow lion?


Therefore the debate here is, when is it valid Buddhism and when is it teachers competing for disciples? Did Marpa or Tilopa claim to be the only valid teachers. Did they mock other paths or teachers? Did Buddha Shakyamuni challenge gurus of other paths saying his path is the correct path?

Once, when six highly-respected proponents of various non-Buddhist philosophies, [certainly Hindu and Jain, but possibly also Persian, Greek and even Middle-Eastern] having heard of Shakyamuni's teaching, came to contend with him in public debate. It is said that he demonstrated the superiority of his knowledge by emitting and transmuting fire and water.

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