Friday, 10 September 2010

Thinking that Buddhists are less moral/caring than non Buddhists

The story of the good samaritan illustrates this obstacle. At some point in our life we are metaphorically like a man fallen at the side of a road. Perhaps our car is broken down or we become seriously ill. At such times we look to see who walks by and who asks us if we are ok.

Then we begin deluded doubts towards the people who walked past seeing them as bad Buddhists. We then start thinking that Buddhists are less moral/caring than non Buddhists. What is the answer to this?
We need to ask ourselves - How many non Buddhists would walk by? And how many Buddhists would?

The fact is the ratio is much improved and it is unreasonable to not only expect everyone to be perfect but to demand that people who have been working very hard to take on these extra tasks. Buddhists are not perfect. But they are here and trying to improve. Why do we demand so much of them? Why are we so judgemental of them?
If we told a worldly person that they have to be perfect and serve our every need they would tell us we are an idiot, yet this is our attitude towards senior Buddhists and senior followers of other religions.

We say things such as -
You are training in compassion therefore sit and listen to my problems its your job!
You are training in patience so I will test your patience and will judge your level of attainment by your reaction!
You are training in equanimity so you must treat me as equal to your best friend!
You are training in forsaking worldly desires therefore you must give me everything for free!
You are training in love so why are you not making me feel welcome, smiling at me, talking to me and so forth!?
You are training in happiness so why do you not smile more!?

In this way as soon as someone tries to lead a spiritual life they become subject to a tirade of criticisms. We need to support people who are trying to improve not attack them. Even if they are not doing a very good job they are trying. Why is this not good enough? Why do they have to be perfect?

This is the human way. To attack anyone who stands as a representative of good saying - You are not doing it properly or correctly. We can see it throughout history. When this mind is fully developed it turns into imprisoning religious people and torturing them to 'break them down' or 'test their level of accomplishment'.

This is ultimately what happened in the story of Jesus. Because he claimed to be a moral person and people following him claimed he had miracle powers as well as being the son of God, those who sought to disprove all this took him and tried to put him in a position where he could only free himself by revealing his powers and if he did not reveal his powers those leaders sought to claim he had no powers. They also tried to break him so that he would forsake his faith. Why? Because if he gave up they can then say that the path/religion doesnt work and then in proving it justify their own choices of lifestyle.

We can see also the witchcraft trials, trying to force people to show magical powers by making it so only magic could prevent death. Through this showing that magic doesnt work and to attack those who do anything unusual. It is a way of enforcing conformity to ordinary lifestyles.

We can also read the story of Shariputra how he was cornered by a demon who told him he wished for him to cut off his hand. Why do we try to corner spiritual people and attempt to make them look foolish?

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