Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Equality love

When some teachers teach they look at their favourite listeners and ignore the rest. Sometimes the teaching becomes what their preferred students need. At festivals for example the teaching is sometimes more catering for people who have been attending for many years.
At other teachings the teaching can be given as a beginners teaching because there are one or two new people. And since there are always one or two new people topics become habitually omitted until they are removed from the course altogether and become only spoken of in teachings that are not drop in/open to the public (such as foundation programme).
Geshe Kelsang never compromised the teaching in this way. He nver omitted topics. He gave teachings in such a way that all levels of listener could learn about and enjoy BUDDHISM. He was not afraid to teach BUDDHAS WORDS. He believed that people would like Buddhism and that they would appreciate it and use it and if they want a filtered version they could filter it themselves.
He believed in and valued everyone without having people he preferred, or favourites. When he went to greet a group he would greet everyone equally, not moving towards familiar faces and blanking strangers. In this way he put thought into his teachings and how to fulfil everyones wishes who attended.

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