Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Focus on meaning of Dharma

Western teachers can talk about many different subjects. Comedy stories, Geshe Kelsang, up and coming festivals, ebooks, cds, temples, future courses, voluntary work, fundraising. They can spend a large amount of time advertising. This would be an example of future degeneration. Laziness is defined as a dodging of meaningful activity. As trainees in virtue it would be very easy for this to filter into every area of our organisation. We stop studying, teaching in detail and make it more basic for example. It is far easier to spend an hour talking about how much you like Geshela and applying the teaching on love than it is to explain the details of what Buddha conveyed to this world.

Geshe Kelsang always conveyed the details of Buddhas message, without watering it down and omitting parts. He gave a full and complete path with many scriptural examples to show it was Buddhas instruction and not his own ideas.Even when he retired he spend 100 minutes explaining Dharma then 2 minutes giving his goodbye speech. After 30 years of teaching us he chose giving us Dharma as more important than saying goodbye to us. If then is not a time when other topics are of importance on the throne we have to ask ourselves, when IS it more important to say an administrative or social topic on the throne IF EVER?

Did Geshe Kelsang ever advertise books or courses during his discourses? How much of his discourses did he devote to praising people or revering his root guru? How much time did he discuss his own social life or daily routine?

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