Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Faith in Others

Geshe Kelsang always did something completely different that perplexed me for many years until I realised his nature.

When Western teachers taught they would always say we are rubbish, we are deluded, we are failures, we are bad Buddhists. After such discourses I would come out discouraged and deflated or fired up to change.

But I was highly aware that Geshe Kelsang never did this in his discourses. When I came out of Geshe Kelsangs teachings I always felt confident and encouraged in my practice. I felt positive about myself and my activities and keen to develop them.

It is because part of his love is to believe in people with no thought of underestimating, undermining abilities but believing in ability and being very positive about it and about the future. This powerful positive energy and the fact he believed in the people he was talking to was a blessing and part of the teaching. He was demonstrating that Dharma makes you feel good and people would have incredible positive minds coming instead of self chastising and self effacing.

I also found it damaging to my faith if a senior teacher was looking at all the monks and nuns and telling them they were not practicing Buddhism when I was trying to see them as Sangha Jewels. Geshe Kelsang taught correctly and we should follow his example.

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