Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Humble love

When Western teachers give discourses they often appear very different to how Geshe Kelsang did. They have an aloofness, sometimes with a mocking sarcasm. They say I know this and I know that. They can appear very holy or in a deep trance, rolling their eyes in ecstacy.
Geshe Kelsang never did any of this. If anything he appeared very bashful, like a servant and occassionally a cheeky but shy boy. He was simply passing on a message that he saw as incredibly important without omitting or adding anything, and especially not wanting any credit for it. When he gave his final teaching and retired he spent the whole discourse discussing pure holy Dharma and it was only in the last two minutes he said goodbye, He was more interested in conveying the Dharma topic. When he waved and said goodbye he was very shy. He didnt want any special ceremony or ritual of appreciation.
We have to ask ourselves as westerners if we convey the same, or do we have large parties and recieve lots of gifts

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