Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Unrestricting love

Western teachers often make a mistake of being graspy or clingy when teaching when giving pointing out instructions or advice. They will say we MUST do this or that. Many years ago a famous teacher would say when you first wake up you should think this as your 1st thought. After a while he had said so many things we must think when we wake up! Some Dharma teachers get so excited they start to sound fanatical or domineering.

Geshe Kelsang never did this because he was demonstrating respecting others and allowing them freedom to be themselves. This is part of love. Many times he would say its up to you if you want to do. You have freedom. You have choice. And he would not make the practice restrictive. He would make it flexible. He was also one to rebel against rules - removing restrictions. When it was raining and we were all camping he would say "someone could stay in my room", during the discourse. He was flexible not rigid. He was not trying to chain people or control them so its important we represent his energy to future generations by demonstrating this form of love.

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